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Give your Organization the long due Tech Transformation it needs.

Non-profits need technology as much as a for-profit considering that the former have as much work and tasks to complete as the latter. So, think no further and  start your transformation journey right now.

How will you be benefited?

Scale Impact Faster

Improve Productivity

Save Time and Cost

Digital Work Life
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Our expert Zoho developers team have expertise working on Zoho One for Nonprofits which has 45+ business suite applications to streamline every activity of an organization at low cost.

Our Clients

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Awards and Recognition

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Technology Partner

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Why Us


We’re partnered with Zoho for implementation, customisation and many other processes to help you through your digital transformation process with ease. We work with Zoho Creator, Zoho Analytics, Zoho CRM, Zoho Catalyst and Zoho People to streamline all your daily activities and scale your impact.

We will also be with you on every step. We believe in constant monitoring of processes and solving issues immediately. We understand the growing and changing needs of your organization and so we aim to build systems that are easily customizable based on such requirements in the future.


The Journey

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How can Zoho help you?

Tired of Google Sheets? Lots of Manual Work? Need a custom MIS? Be productive, save time and increase your impact with Zoho Creator

You name what you want, our certified developers, with the topmost low-code application development platform, can bring you just the right software you need - workflow automation, donation and donor management and much more. Be it simple or complex, you’ll get the ready-to-use software 10x times faster with Zoho Creator. Your wish to make every task easier and painless from attracting donors and sponsors to conducting events will finally come true.

Collect, streamline, automate, manage and visualize your data in one place with Zoho Creator


Use Zoho Analytics to build dashboards from 100+ data sources !

Zoho Analytics is a powerful tool with which you can transform data from multiple sources into insights and action in minutes. We can bring you insightful reports, dashboards and data visualization to help you track key metrics, see long-time trends, most importantly predict the future and make well-informed decisions.

Build insightful dashboards and make data-driven decisions with Zoho Analytics


Maintain all your donor and beneficiary data in one place using Zoho CRM. 

With Zoho CRM, get a customizable, integrated donor management platform to manage donor relationships and beneficiary data. Support your mission by reaching all your stakeholders, tracking your expenses, proposals and keeping a tab on donations receipt. We’ll help you migrate from spreadsheets, automate your processes and create a fund management system as powerful as that of a for-profit business while you bring your huge ideas into reality.

Maintain all your stakeholders data in one place with

Zoho CRM


Offer the best for the People of your organization

Changing HR practices along with the evolving work environment is more than essential. With Zoho People, you can manage every HR activity such as managing employee databases, performance management, L&D, building high-performing workforce and so on, all at one place. We can offer you an agile and effective HR management so you can offer the best employee experience.

Streamline your hiring to exit processes with

Zoho People


Your single source stop of serverless deployment of custom software

Are you looking for a serverless platform to manage your needs? Having a DevOps team can be troublesome at times, and that’s where Zoho Catalyst can help in building microservices, APIs , or custom serverless mobile and web applications. 

Enjoy quick deployment with

Zoho Catalyst


Get Zoho products for free

Services offered


Data Collection & Reporting Software



Every organisation is unique and we build custom MIS Solutions to manage end to end data in your programs.


Finance Management Software

Manage your procurement, inventory, POs , Fund Allocation Across Projects and streamline your entire Finance Processes.


Donor and Donations Software

Use a CRM to manage your donor relationships, use pipelines to track your grant / proposal and keep a tab on donations receipt along with donor data. All your donations compliance in one place!


HR Software

Streamline your hiring to exit processes in your organisation. Attendance, Leave Tracking , Employee entry and exit details , forms , assets are no longer a hassle!


Analytics Dashboards


Turn your data into insightful reports and dashboards, bring data from multiple data sources, take data driven decisions and so on.


Zoho Consultation & Deployment

We consult on other Zoho Suite of Products, and assist in purchase consultation, deployment as well.

Can't find what you're looking for?
Get in touch with our expert and get the solutions you need to scale your non-profit's impact

MIS systems

The Management Information System (MIS) software that we build can


Unify Data Collection and Integration


Automate Workflow using Low Code


Provide Real-time Impact Analysis and Dashboards

Zoho for Impact - Resources

Zoho has a 45+ suite of products that helps Non-Profits streamline all unique processes and help them focus on scaling impact.

Growth of your non-profit and creating more impact are co-dependent factors of your success. So, invest in technology now, to get the best for your organization and do the best for your cause in the long run.

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