With the right technology tools, Non - Profits can take better decisions, scale at a faster and efficient pace and also increase their impact. At EdZola, we aim to bridge the gap between Non - Profits and Technology by making it accessible for all. We guide and direct organizations to the right technology tools, to increase their efficiency by reducing redundant, recurrent and repetitive tasks and create customised solutions that addresses their needs!


We are working towards creating awareness and making technology tools easy and user friendly for all!


Our mission is to make organizations more efficient with the use of technology


Technology Diagnostic Report

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Technology has made life so much easier for all of us. Especially now, during the Pandemic, we have become heavily dependent on technology and have come to realise its need. With the right technology tools, organizations can increase their efficiency, in turn accelerate their growth and multiply their impact.


Take the first step to achieving organizational efficiency by taking our free Tech Diagnostic Report!


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