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Zoho Survey


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Achieve your fundraising goals by asking the right questions to the right people. Understand what draws volunteers and donors to your organization. Use expert-made templates created to help non-profits collect required feedback and information to run more smoothly and benefit society.

Solutions for Non-Profits:

  • Use surveys to collect feedback and opinions from their supporters, volunteers, and members

  • Use the data aggregation feature to consolidate data from multiple surveys and advanced in-depth analytics allowing you to analyze trends and patterns over time

  • Buy responses feature to get responses from a specific demographic or target audience, allowing them to conduct targeted surveys.

  • Use offline data collection to collect feedback and opinions in areas with limited internet connectivity, such as remote communities or rural areas

Modules & Features

  • Customizable themes

  • Configuring rules/logic

  • Data aggregation

  • Offline data collection

  • Feedback & opinion collection

  • Data aggregation

  • End to end form personalization

  • Buying responses

  • Drag and drop fields

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