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Zoho Projects


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Streamline your project management processes and enhance collaboration with team members and volunteers. Keep all stakeholders up-to-date on project progress and receive feedback and improve donor engagement by providing personalized messaging, project updates, and recognition for their contributions.

Solutions for Non-Profits:

  • Create and manage tasks related to your programs and projects. This can help ensure proper collaboration among staff & volunteers and make sure they're aware of their responsibilities so that work is completed on time and within budget

  • Plan and allocate resources, such as staff members and volunteers, to their programs and projects. This can help ensure that resources are used efficiently and effectively

  • Track the progress of your programs and projects, including Gantt charts and progress reports. This can help identify areas for improvement and adjust your strategies accordingly

  • Track the time spent by staff members and volunteers on their programs and projects. Ensure that work is completed within budget & report with ease to funders

Modules & Features

  • Task management and task breakdowns

  • Different charts

  • Collaboration

  • Project reminders

  • Role-based permissions

  • Custom fields, status and views

  • Workflow rules

  • Timesheets

  • Time Management/tracking

  • Progress tracking

  • Resource Planning

  • Dashboards on projects, volunteers

  • Calendar view

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  • Enterprise

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