Top 7 reasons why Zoho One is right for small Non-Profits

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Top 7 Reasons Small Firms choose Zoho for Best Tech Support
Zoho One for Non-Profits

Are your scattered data staring at you waiting to be organized? Or are you staring at the clock at the stroke of midnight with droopy eyes, trying to multitask? Well, now that you’re here, you’re about to say goodbye to all those hassles. In this highly competitive market, it is difficult for aspiring small business owners like you to find effective digital tools that perfectly sit in the budget.

You may also find staying ahead in this cut-throat competition a bit challenging, but with the help of valuable yet affordable software and applications, you can meet your business goals quickly and effortlessly. Zoho One has become one of the most popular web-based software that‘s helping non-profit organisations transform the way they work.

Let’s dive into the top 7 reasons that make Zoho One the go-to choice for digital transformation today.

Easy to Find Emails

No more email mishaps! You don’t have to scroll through thousands of emails to find that one email you desperately need. Zoho mail comes with modern technology that understands and prioritizes your needs to reduce your email hustle. You can painlessly collect, handle and organise your emails from many accounts in a single location. It can sync from several platforms. Wasting time linking numerous accounts into separate pages is a thing of the past now.

That’s not all, it also comes with much more useful features, like email reminders which inform you if you read your emails and produce an analytical report on the effectiveness of your email with your clients. No scrolling and no rummaging in the trash folder anymore.

This is an effective first step in giving a digital makeover to your small business as it gives you a feel of robust control over your data.

Check out the post by Zoho on organizing the mails to get more information about the service.

Setting and Tracking Business Goals

Knowing what you are working towards is the first and foremost thing to determine. Then, you’ll need to measure the progress of your company which could be understood by analysing your customers. Because, they possess a huge part in the growth and sustainability of your business. So, it’s very obvious that not only your efforts but also managing the customers’ data is needed for achieving the goals.

The good news is you can quit worrying about the tables and graphs. The right CRM software acts as a storehouse of your relationship status with customers and productivity of your business (sales). Zoho CRM integrates all elements which would assist you when your firm is witnessing growth.

Zoho CRM for tracking goals

Features such as prediction allow you to create and track objectives for your sales meetings without spending hours. You may compare current performance with historical data, divide your salespeople, teams or territorial predictions and receive all the information you need to maintain your growth in sales. This ensures the team’s ability to make a well-informed decision without much confusion. To help your presentations, you may produce thorough visual reports.

As you take responsibility for the broader picture, CRM takes care of nuts and bolts.


One thing that fascinates us all is saving money. While remodelling your business with technology, it is important to look for affordable tools and an OS for business. In the high-priced market, you feel like you are on cloud nine when you come across a comprehensive web-based tool with all the features your business requires. But the price may hit you like a plane!

But Zoho One has made it seamless for small businesses to stay ahead of the curve. It’s an economical option when compared with other corporate solutions, with no compromise on features or customisation. The app can help you access over 40 apps and run your business more efficiently. The free edition of Zoho One is restricted, but Enterprise is fully functional and costs $35 per user per month.

Automation on Daily Process

You don’t set your alarm every night manually, right? Our gadgets are intelligent enough to ring the alarm based on time and date repetitively, if we set it up. Most operations inside an organization are repetitive and can be automated.

Sales operations are regular every day. Tasks like field updates, scheduling calls, issuing recalls and so on are important factors in your productivity but eat up your time tremendously. CRM gains you time for things that really need your attention by automating daily operations.

Social Media Management

Everyone’s on social media from day to night, consuming the content they love thanks to the easier access to technology. So, why not go digital and get your non-profits in front of the right potential donors through social media? Social media has become another go-to marketing strategy for many organizations. Be it a fresh and small start-ups or corporate giants, no one should miss out on an opportunity to target their audience.

So, when your customers adapt, you have to adapt along with them right away. Zoho One comes with a pre-installed tool to help with easy social linking. It not only evaluates your customers’ view of your web page, but also offers great info on when to post, what to post, and how to enhance them.

Real-Time Data

With Zoho One platform, you may make use of past data and detect and target inactive solutions to realign their customer messages. This offers a full business perspective in which all essential client data is quickly accessible on a shared pane. You don’t have to hunt for it! There is a note section that shows the time and topic for more personal and logical communication during previous discussions. Such tech helps you make smart and better business judgments.

Apt Mobile Application

Mobile application is like having real estate very close to your customer’s favourite home (mobile), but in the world of technology. So, any non-profits would consider buying this privileged slot to scale themselves.

Statista shows the steady increase in the usage of Mobile applications

Statistics of Mobile Application Usage

Zoho One provides a full-function iPhone and Android mobile app that incorporates most of its browser-based CRM functions from account administration to account management. The CRM system is fully integrated with your own independent email program. You can better maintain the remote control of consumers. Invitations and sales information may all be accessed from a smartphone.

Creator App:

Still haven’t found the right reason and technology for your business to undergo digital transformation? Then, the creator app is for you. You can create completely new modules for customers using Zoho Creator or its built-in capabilities to help manage inventories, arrange equipment and fixed assets, and track vehicle maintenance.


Zoho One is your solution to remove manual work and get into the process of automation. If you are looking for implementing Zoho One solutions, then EdZola is your partner. Collaborate with EdZola to handle the implementation and customisation process with ease.

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