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How the right technology tools transformed my life!

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

As a person who shied away from technology, I have had a revelation. I have always used pen and paper , had “To do lists” for keeping track of my work, used excel spreadsheets to maintain data, manually document processes and send emails and the list keeps going.

However over time I realised, work was getting out of hand and things were very chaotic. So I sat down, reflected and explicitly stated my challenges :

  • I had too many hard copies of documents that I could not carry everywhere

  • I was making to do lists every single day which would invariably be forgotten

  • I was spending a huge portion of my time doing recurring and repetitive tasks.

  • I was spending a lot of my time on searching of ways efficiently doing my tasks instead of actually implementing it

  • The number of tasks kept increasing everyday and I went to sleep everyday with my head busy thinking about the ever growing list of things to do the next day

There were so many bottlenecks and challenges which eventually slowed down my efficiency and productivity. Then while working with EdZola I discovered that technology is not my enemy but actually my friend. I realised that with knowledge and access to the right technology tools, I could actually be a lot more productive. I still enjoy using pen and paper to put down my thoughts and express myself, however I began to view things from a whole new perspective. I saw the following benefits of using right technology tools:

  • I saved a lot of my time which I spent on actually implementing the tasks

  • I was able to schedule and manage my work better

  • I saved a lot of my money which I earlier spent on buying paper & stationery

  • A lot of my repetitive, recurrent and redundant tasks were automated

  • I could customise the technology tools according to my needs

  • I could create my own application on my own without needing to have technical knowledge

And not only that, I saw many organisations scale their impact using the right technology tools as well. All my challenges were solved simply by using an application called “ZohoC”. Zoho Creator is an easy to use application using “Low - code” which means one can develop their own application with minimal coding experience. It was such a proud moment for me when I could develop my own application for my customised needs. All I needed was the direction to the right technology tools and direction on how to use the platform to create a customised application. EdZola helped in giving me the direction.

All social ventures, non-profits and small enterprises deal with limited time, resources and overburdened people. However with the use of the right tools and the direction these challenges can be solved. All you have to do is take the first step of joining Zoho Creator and exploring the platform. EdZola can help you from there till the end of your journey. EdZola can direct you to the right tools, create customised applications based on your needs or add/change new features to an existing application on Zoho and be your thought and your technology partner.

EdZola has the added advantage of being a Zoho Creator Partner. This means that your business can undergo digital transformation seamlessly. All your processes can be made digital, integrated and accessed from one place. You can save time on repetitive, redundant and recurrent work, increase your efficiency, focus on growth areas and widen your network exponentially! The impact is substantial!

All you need to do is take the first step, and EdZola will support you all the way!

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