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Zoho Lens

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Zoho Lens can be utilized to provide remote assistance and support to their beneficiaries or community members. With the app's augmented reality capabilities, your organization can offer virtual guidance and assistance for various needs, such as providing remote educational support, mentoring, counseling, or even healthcare advice, thus extending their reach and impact to those in need.

Solutions for Non-Profits:

  • Create interactive educational content, such as virtual tours of historical sites or 3D models of scientific concepts. This can help increase understanding and engagement among beneficiaries (for educatin)

Modules & Features

  • Live camera Streaming

  • Annotate on 3D objects

  • VoIP and text chat

  • Session recording

  • AR Remote support

  • AR Remote support analytics

You can find this app in the following suites/bundles:

Starts from:
₹ 0
15-Day free trial

Other pricing plans:
  • Standard

  • Professional

Pricing Details:

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