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Engage and coordinate with your staffs and volunteers, streamline your operations and stay organized and focused on your mission. With features like group chats, file sharing, and task management, alerts and notifications, stay connected with both in-person and remote team.

Solutions for Non-Profits:

  • Communicate with remote team members efficiently with real-time chat, voice, and video communication, which can help ensure that everyone is connected and informed on the program's goals

  • Create different channels (groups) for various teams or programs within the organization and set rules on its visibility and accessibility of its content.

  • Set reminders for texts and calls for following up with donors or any stakeholders. This feature can help ensure that important conversations are not forgotten and that supporters feel valued and appreciated

  • Set up chat workflows with chatbots that can send reminders, answer FAQ questions and more

Modules & Features

  • Channels for different teams/programs

  • Reminders for texts/calls

  • Remote team communication

  • Automated chat workflows

  • Chatbots

You can find this app in the following suites/bundles:

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Other pricing plans:
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  • Custom

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