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A customizable CRM for small-medium sized Nonprofits to manage your donors, volunteers and beneficiaries data in one place.

Solutions for Non-Profits:

  • Maintain a comprehensive record of your donors and their giving patterns, which can help you tailor your fundraising campaigns to meet their needs.

  • Manage all beneficiary data, such as their contact information, needs, and services provided. This will help you keep track of the people you are serving and ensure that they receive the support they require.

  • Communicate with your donors, beneficiaries, and partners through multiple channels, including email, phone, and social media. This will help you stay connected with your stakeholders and keep them engaged with your organization.

  • Generate reports on your donors and beneficiaries, including their demographics, giving patterns, and service utilization. This will help you track the impact of your programs and make data-driven decisions to improve your services.

  • Assign tasks to your team members and track their progress. This will help you ensure that everyone is working towards the same goals and that tasks are completed on time.

Modules & Features

  • Donor/donation data Management

  • Beneficiary Data Management

  • Partner Data mangement

  • Omnichannel communication

  • Donor/beneficiary reports

  • Program reports

  • Task assignment

  • CRM workflows & Automations

  • Activity management

You can find this app in the following suites/bundles:

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Upgrade only when you need additional features.

Other pricing plans:
  • Express

  • Premier

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