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Write For Us

Would you like to help Nonprofits with your knowledge?

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Who can write?

Non-profits professionals (or individuals familiar with Nonprofits’ programs) with knowledge and expertise in technology who are willing to write about innovative technical solutions to Nonprofits’ unique problems.

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Automation process

AI in Nonprofits

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Data & Nonprofits - theme.png

Data & Nonprofits

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Donor Management

Theme - donation management.png

Donation Management

Collection, Storage, Security, Management, Analytics

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Nonprofit digital transformation

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Zoho for Nonprofits

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Integrations for specific needs

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Apps and tools for Nonprofits

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Tech for Impact

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Theme - WhatsApp for Nonprofits.png

WhatsApp for Nonprofits

Volunteer Management


  • How the latest technology can be used for reducing cost, time and effort (strictly for Nonprofits’ needs)

  • About Government initiatives (Eg, Social Stock Exchange) and innovation in technology for Nonprofits.

  • Bringing awareness to existing software solutions that cater to the needs of Nonprofits

  • How-to articles for Nonprofit professionals (both technical and non-technical).

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Writing rules

  • Make sure the central idea and the purpose is clear throughout the article

  • Adding quotes is very much appreciated to reiterate an idea, but do so with right permissions

  • Data is a must for every claim made, do link to proper sources. Attribution should be given when necessary.



  • Use subheadings, bulletins and break paragraphs for the ease of reading.

  • No fancy or bombastic language, simple words are preferred.

  • Submit your article as a word document.



We’ll create and add fitting images to the article.


What to send?

Unless you have a whole article at hand that fit these requirements, we’d prefer you to mail us pitches at 

What should it contain? (Download the template, fill it up and submit)

If you feel the need to add any other information in the template, do add it and we'll take a look.



Our articles are directed towards both technical and non-technical nonprofit professionals. So, usage of can should be avoided as much as possible. Nonprofits specific terms can be used, but again, it should be used minimally.


Article length

The ideal word count would be 800-1200 words. We do love articles that are well-researched and those that resonate well with our audience’s needs.



Professional, friendly, conversational.

First (we, our) and second person (you, your) perspective throughout the blog.


Review process

We’ll do plagiarism and duplication checks. It shouldn’t be republished but links can be posted as per your wish. We’ll check grammatical errors and edit it if there’s a need for it.



Your article will be published and shared via Social media, newsletter and therefore will help many Nonprofit professionals. Writers who cross milestones (have written 10 blogs, 50 blogs, 100 blogs) will receive certificates from EdZola.


Final decisions

After you send the article, we need to ensure the quality of your final product before showcasing it for our readers. We’ll also add call-to-action, images, logos, quotes and survey data. We'll also decide the final headline and the date of publishing.


When will we get back?

Your pitch will be reviewed within 2 business days and then the article within 3 or 4 business days. If we like your article and find it fitting and informative, we’ll let you know when it’ll be published.

Wish to contribute?

Send us your pitch (completed template). If you have any queries/doubts regarding writing for us, do tell us here!

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